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dilluns, 25 d’abril de 2016

Lo que sucede en un minuto en Internet

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist
Estadística completa sobre lo que sucede cada minuto en Internet:

701.389 inicios de sesión en Facebook

69.444 horas vistas en Netflix

150 millones de correos electrónicos enviados

1.389 paseos Uber

527.760 fotos compartidas en Snapchat

51.000 descargas de aplicaciones en App Store de Apple

$ 203.596 en ventas en

Más de 120 nuevas cuentas de Linkedin

347.222 tweets en Twitter

28.194 nuevos posts en Instagram

38.052 horas de música escuchada en Spotify

1,04 millones de videos breves compartidos

2,4 millones de consultas de búsqueda en Google

972.222 golpes en Tinder

2,78 millones de visitas en Youtube

20,8 millones de mensajes de WhatsApp

La inmigración musulmana hace que Europa sea cada vez más secular, no menos

Historically, European secularism emerged as a means to manage the danger of conflict that religious diversity brings — at the time this was conflict between varieties of Christianity. As the range of religious and non-religious identities in Europe continues to expand, intensified secularisation of the public sphere is the likely, and desirable, result.

To take the opposite tack, and invite religion more fully into legal and political life, would be risky. As the German philosopher Jürgen Habermas argues, failing to restrict religious influence over politics risks a degeneration into religious contests for political power. The intellectual historian Mark Lilla, professor of humanities at Columbia University, argues that separation of religion and politics is a product of a chance combination of historically specific factors, and anything but inevitable: it cannot be taken for granted. It has encouraged the development of an ideal of shared citizenship in religiously diverse populations and has been crucial to the advance of liberal principles such as gender equality and gay rights.

The clarification of limits on the role of religion in law and politics, if fairly applied, could help to alleviate the sense of double standards and unfairness that many migrants and their naturalised descendants feel. European secularism will be harder to portray merely as disguised Christian privilege, or free speech as an excuse to undermine Islam, once it is clear that established Christian faiths are not exempt from these norms.

Either way, what we see is a general process under which greater religious diversity is making it difficult for religion in Europe to retain the residual political and symbolic roles that it has had until now.Ronan McCrea is a barrister and a lecturer at the Faculty of Laws at University College London. His latest book is Religion and the Public Order of the European Union (2010)
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Los hijos de madres mayores son más inteligentes, más altos y más fuertes

The risks of having children later in life are well documented: there’s a higher chance the baby will have issues at birth, like Down’s syndrome, or be more likely to develop autism and Alzheimer’s later in life. It’s also simply harder to get pregnant as time marches on.

But a study of more than 1.5 million Swedes shows there are some pretty big benefits as well.

Kids born to older mothers are taller, less likely to quit school, more likely to attend university, and tend to perform better on standardized tests than siblings who were born before them.
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Los partidarios del Brexit piden al gobierno que prohiba a Marine Le Pen entrar en Reino Unido

Gisela Stuart, co-chairman of the Vote Leave campaign, urged Home Secretary Theresa May to prevent the leader of the National Front party from entering the country in a letter sent on Friday.

Le Pen backs a British exit from the EU and wants France to organise a similar referendum. She has planned to travel to Britain before the June 23 ballot to express support for the Vote Leave campaign.

But Stuart and other eurosceptics don’t want her help.

“[Le Pen] has previously made many divisive and inflammatory comments, including comparing Muslims praying in the street to the Nazi occupation of France," Stuart wrote in the letter, revealed by the BBC on Sunday.

“Accordingly, I urge you to exercise your powers under immigration legislation to refuse her admission into the country if and when she attempts to visit the UK,” the Vote Leave senior figure said.

Le Pen said she forgave Stuart’s snub because the Socialist MP was “against the European Union”, but struck back during an interview with France 2 television: “After all, she’s a Socialist. Socialists have always had a slight problem with democracy.”

“I am surprised that she didn’t say anything about [US President Barack] Obama’s visit,” the far-right leader added. “He came to interfere in Great Britain’s affairs. I am not going to interfere. If I go, I will go to speak about the people’s need to decide their relation to the European Union.”
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¿Puede la humanidad vivir sin fronteras?

The debate about borders in Europe is driven by two contradictory, but very human, passions. The human aspiration for freedom of mobility is clashing with people’s existential need for a sense of security. Neither of these sentiments can be ignored, which means Europe has some very difficult choices to make. The answer to this current crisis lies somewhere in the reconciliation of the aspiration for freedom of movement with the existential need for spatial and symbolic security, and in protecting, not demolishing, the Enlightenment ideal of the boundary between things. / Frank Furedi is a sociologist and commentator. His latest book, Power of Reading: From Socrates to Twitter, is published by Bloomsbury Continuum.

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Felipe González y el diario 'El País' financiados por evasores fiscales vinculados a Panamá

Felipe González no solo tenía a su pareja actual, Mar García Vaquero, y a su íntimo amigo, Jesús Barderas, en 'Los papeles de Panamá'. Otras personas muy vinculadas al expresidente del Gobierno y empresarios afines al PSOE que crearon una organización sin ánimo de lucro para la izquierda también aparecen entre los clientes VIP del despacho Mossack Fonseca. Destacan Massoud Farshad Zandi, una persona muy afín a Juan Luis Cebrián, presidente de Prisa, con el que tiene negocios conjuntos, y Javier Merino, marido en proceso de divorcio de Mar Flores.

Los documentos a los que han tenido acceso El Confidencial y 'La Sexta', en una investigación liderada por el Consorcio Internacional de Periodistas de Investigación (ICIJ) y el diario alemán 'Süddeutsche Zeitung', ponen de manifiesto que, al mismo tiempo que en Madrid se ponía en marcha la Fundación Atman para el Diálogo entre Civilizaciones, repleta de personalidades próximas al PSOE, desde Panamá se constituían varias sociedades domiciliadas en Seychelles, Samoa y Niue que les dieron amplios poderes a estas mismas personas. Zandi, un empresario con nacionalidad española, presidente de la Fundación Atman y el principal aportador de los fondos, es uno de los privilegiados que tenían un largo número de empresas en estos paraísos fiscales opacos para la Agencia Tributaria.
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Reflexión sobre la revolución política en Austria

Though it was just the first round in an election to a mostly ceremonial post, the victory of a far-right politician in Austria’s presidential election on Sunday heralded the demise of the two-party system that has dominated the country’s politics for 70 years.

The candidates of the governing parties, the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) and the center-right Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), failed to reach the run-off, each just garnering 11 percent of the vote. In contrast, Norbert Hofer from the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) shot to first place with 35 percent of the vote on the strength of anti-incumbency sentiment and concern over the influx of refugees. In the second round on May 22, he will face the former head of the Green Party, Alexander Van der Bellen, who got 21 percent of the vote.

The federal president does not interfere in day-to-day politics, but he appoints the chancellor and can dismiss the government under exceptional circumstances. The current office holder Heinz Fischer, a former Social Democrat, mostly kept a low profile as did most of his predecessors.

A victory by Hofer in the run-off would for the first time put a representative of the far-right at the helm of a Western European country. National Front Leader Marine Le Pen of France was quick to congratulate Hofer on his success.
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Serbia en la UE, un camino lleno de obstáculos

The gamble of former ultranationalist turned pro-EU Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić paid off — calling a snap election two years early saw him return to power with another landslide.

But now that he’s won a four-year mandate, Vučić has to prepare Serbia for EU membership. While Vučić insists he is committed to reform and repairing relations in the neighborhood, opponents claimed in the campaign that his re-election would lead to greater centralization of power and a slide towards authoritarianism.

Serbia has lagged the reform efforts of much of the rest of the post-communist world, and that means politically painful changes — but without them Serbia stands no chance of joining fellow former Yugoslav republics Slovenia and Croatia in the EU.

Although the opposition is too small and fractured to pose any threat to the prime minister, the nationalism that helped tear apart the region in the Yugoslav wars isn’t dead yet. Gains for ultra-nationalists favoring “integration” with Russia, brings a hard-line rhetoric back to parliament.
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Los dinosaurios huyeron de Europa cuando el supercontinente Pangea se rompió

Scientists have claimed dinosaurs fled Europe between 225 and 65 million years ago after the original super continent broke up.

Researchers used 'network theory' for the first time to visually depict the movement of dinosaurs around the world during the Mesozoic Era 225 million years ago to 65 million years - including a curious exodus from Europe.

The study, published in the Journal of Biogeography, also backs up previous research that found dinosaurs continued to migrate to all parts of the world after the 'supercontinent' Pangaea split into land masses that are separated by oceans.
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Artículo publicado en Journal of Biogeography. Abstract

El PP subiría con Soraya o Cifuentes y el PSOE bajaría con Susana Díaz

Un cambio de candidato en una elecciones variaría la intención de voto en los dos grandes partidos políticos.
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Ciudadanos, único grande que sube tras el 20D mientras Podemos se recupera a costa de IU
La formación de Albert Rivera obtendría el 17% de los votos, mientras que el partido de Iglesias (18,7%) se recupera aprovechándose de IU (5,8%); PP (27,3%) y PSOE (20,2%) siguen a la baja.
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La falta de Gobierno castiga a PP, PSOE y Podemosos y premia a C's e IU

Los datos de Metroscopia también confirman la mejora de Ciudadanos e Izquierda Unida cuando el estudio se amplía a 17 provincias que distribuyen 182 de los 350 diputados. En estas circunscripciones, Podemos pierde siete escaños; el PP, tres, y el PSOE se une a los damnificados con dos actas menos. A cambio, la formación de Rivera sumaría nueve diputados más, y la de Garzón, cuatro.
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Echando un polvo en el metro de Barcelona

Bruce Springsteen versiona 'Purple Rain' en homenaje a Prince